Melted: A Sexy Enemies to Lovers Romantic Comedy

Cover of Hadley Harlin's book, Melted, a sexy enemies to lovers romantic comedy.

Melted (Cooking up a Celebrity Book 2)

Why do I despise Hawthorne West? Playgirl and Bibs&Babes to name a few.

What self-respecting chef does a centerfold? Or a shirtless interview with his baster?

Just because he won "world's sexiest chef" three years in a row doesn't make him a god. Or give him the right to destroy my first restaurant with his pompous review.

Now, this sell-out celebrity chef is my new co-host on an international cooking competition.

He's annoyingly alpha with an aggressive amount of facial scruff and a bad habit of taking off his shirt for the cameras.

Unless I'm using them to shred cheese, I don't need to see his abs.

He won't stop finding new ways to fork me over. Like the way he keeps stepping on my lines or popping into my dreams at all the wrong times.

Two can play at that game.

I've seen the way he leers at me when he thinks I'm not looking, and I'm not above using every advantage I have to get back on top.

Nothing's going to stop me from regaining my status as one of the best chefs in the world--all I have to do is survive a trip around the world with Hawthorne West.

Melted is a hot romantic comedy with an enemies-to-lovers celebrity chef couple that is sure to melt your kindle! HEA and NO CHEATING! While Melted can be read alone, it shares a timeline with Seared and Fired, books one and three of Hadley Harlin's Cooking Up a Celebrity series.